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A message to all Lebanese from ILMA - UK chapter

Dear Lebanese people,

This is a small message on the behalf of the British Lebanese Medical association part of of the international Lebanese Medical Association

Britain, USA and some countries are the leading the world in delivering vaccination for Covid19

Today is the 20th of February2021 and so far 25% of the whole population in Britain have been vaccinated. The UK is the first country in the world to approve a Covid 19 vaccine and we as British are all proud of this achievement.

From sport halls to cathedrals and mosques buildings have been converted to vaccination sites along side hospitals and GP clinics.

Everyone in England now lives within 10miles of a vaccination centre. 1400 sites in England, 1100 in Scotland, 295 in Wales and 328 in Northern Ireland.

The number of new cases are now decreasing sharply as the number of vaccinations increasing.

In Lebanon Dr AbdulRahman Bizri is now leading the Lebanese vaccination programme which has started a few weeks ago.

Dr Bizri has proposed one of the best plans in the history of Lebanon in organising the rollout of the vaccine and this has been accepted by the world bank and the vaccine supply has started and will continue. On the behalf of the British Lebanese Medical Association which is now part of the ILMA international

Lebanese Medical association I would like to thank Dr Bizri for his hard work. We all the British Lebanese medical doctors in UK support and encourage you to continue this journey with all its challenges. A big message to all the Lebanese is to follow Dr Bizri’s plan which should always be one plan only. If anybody wants to give any contribution to the Lebanese vaccination programme it should always be through his plan.

Please register now and get vaccinated this is the only way of beating this invisible enemy.

Dr Abed Arnaout

President of the British Lebanese Medical Association Chapter in Uk

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