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ILMA Lebanon and a Promising Future

ILMA Lebanon

ILMA, the International Lebanese Medical Association, has reached a significant milestone with discussion of the establishment of ILMA Lebanon. In a momentous virtual event, healthcare experts and professionals came together to discuss the exciting prospects that lie ahead. The meeting brought together esteemed individuals including Ziad Tannous from St George Medical School, Nancy Chedid from LAU, Mohamad Houri from BAU, Mirna Chahine and Khadija from LU, Nassim Fares from USJ, Maha Khachab from Balamand U, Pierre Edde from USEK, Samir Arnaout from AUBMC, Rabieh Dandashi from Haykel Hospital, Perla Kourtabwi and George Saade from BMC. Let's explore the significance of ILMA Lebanon's establishment and the promising future it holds for the medical community.

1. Dr. Walid Ahmar and the Vision of ILMA:

Dr. Walid Ahmar took center stage to shed light on ILMA's mission and the vision behind the establishment of ILMA Lebanon. Dr. Ahmar eloquently conveyed ILMA's commitment to fostering collaboration, enhancing medical education, and addressing healthcare challenges in Lebanon. Attendees were inspired by Dr. Ahmar's vision of ILMA as a catalyst for positive change and innovation within the Lebanese medical landscape.

2. Envisioning a Bright Future:

The meeting served as a platform for participants to envision the future of ILMA Lebanon and its potential impact. Attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, sharing their aspirations and ideas for ILMA's growth and contribution to the healthcare ecosystem. Exciting prospects such as collaborative research projects, knowledge exchange programs, and initiatives to address healthcare disparities were explored, fueling optimism and anticipation for the organization's future endeavors.


The discussion of the establishment of ILMA Lebanon marks a significant step forward in promoting excellence and collaboration within the Lebanese medical community. This virtual meeting celebrated this important milestone and set the stage for an exciting future. As ILMA Lebanon embarks on its journey, the promise of transformative initiatives, enhanced medical education, and impactful contributions to healthcare in Lebanon shines brightly on the horizon.

ILMA Lebanon goals


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