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Over 60 boxes of medications were packed and will be sent to Lebanon this week

At present, there are no signs that a breakthrough is imminent in the crisis-stricken country. We hear at a daily basis that vital medicines are no longer available. Parents call and ask for insulin for their children. A medicine that means the difference between life and death for these children. The situation is clearly, to say the least, catastrophic. At a time when corruption is normal in a country marked by mistrust, ILMA has taken steps to work for transparency and is working hard to ensure that the medicines reach the right destinations. The Lebanese army has kindly helped our association enormously in the distribution of these medicines and medical equipment. We are forever grateful and have received proof that they have reached the intended destinations. Finally, we would like to say a few concluding words to the Lebanese people. We have not forgotten you. Your suffering is ours and we are doing our absolute best in an attempt to alleviate some of your suffering. With warm greetings, The International Lebanese Medical Association

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