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Lebanese International Medical Association


The Association has a council that manages its affairs and consists of representatives of local Lebanese medical associations around the world, and representatives of medical associations in Lebanon. The Council will have a president, vice-president, treasurer, global outreach officer and secretary, with a two-year term of office, with a biennial meeting to elect new members for the next two years. If no one is nominated for a position, an honorary director will play this role until a new candidate is nominated for office, and if that does not happen within six months, the honorary candidate will be nominated as a member of the post. These administrative positions are conducted by all local associations that form part of the association, and if a member of the Assembly cannot attend a conference session of the Council, he or she may be replaced at the meeting by a local representative of the association concerned. The Council will meet periodically and informs the decisions of the relevant local associations, and the responsibility for electing representatives to the assembly rests with each local medical association.


The meetings are completed in the presence of two administrative members of the Council and one member of at least one local assembly, allowing binding decisions to be adopted with the approval of the majority of the council members.

Affiliated member countries are considered to be those that do not have an effective council or association, but have an effective orientation to establish a national medical association that will house health professionals for Lebanese heritage and those interested in the Lebanese health system. There are a number of countries I currently work with in collaboration with their health professionals to establish an effective association with an effective constitution and council. These countries have a member of ILMA and do not currently have full voting status. They will be able to obtain full membership, voting capacity and council eligibility once a national medical association is established and agrees to be part of ILMA.

ILMA Council 

The ILMA Council will now consist of representatives from all national member associations that have full membership. All countries are equal and have one vote for every resolution to be voted on. ILMA's executive section will consist of the elected council, which will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The president's term will be two years. Member associations are supposed to rotate the presidency.  

Objectives of the Lebanese International Medical Association (ILMA)

 (1) To be formed by Lebanese specialists who share Lebanese heritage and interests in health, education and research inside and outside Lebanon.


(2) Activities of all Lebanese international medical associations should be supported under similar laws.


encourage and continue to promote the following within Lebanon and internationally:


(a) Educating members, embraced but not limited to their professional skills, medical and/or health knowledge;

The government's commitment to the peace process is a very good one.


(4) To provide a forum for professional, educational and social exchange and projects among its members at the international level, to improve the health and well-being of all Lebanese in all aspects of the world;


(5) The links between the medical and health profession in Lebanon and the world should be strengthened and the education of medical practitioners and members of the medical profession abroad should be supported in accordance with its objectives.


(6) Advice should be provided on any medical and/or health issue, which, but not limited to, any organization, association, government, high authority, municipality, local or otherwise regarding any medical or health policy issues, particularly within Lebanon;


(7) To support the establishment of Lebanese national medical associations around the world in places where they do not currently exist, and to encourage these groups to be part of their international association.

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