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What is ILMA?

ILMA is a non-political, non-denominational association of Lebanese Medical societies throughout the world who have common ideas and objectives, that has been formed to promote these beliefs and goals at the National and International Level and in particular within Lebanon.  


Every National Medical Association needs to agree within its own association to be a member of ILMA and offer its willingness to be an active member of ILMA abiding by its goals and resolutions are agreed to by its board.


Historical Perspective of ILMA

The International Lebanese Medical Association was initiated by Dr Walid Ahmar who established contact with national medical associations outside of Australia. In 2012 he set about searching and contacting medical professionals of Lebanese Heritage throughout the world. The initial countries included Belgium, Brazil, France and The United States of America in 2012.  Following discussions, which originated in late 2012 between the medical associations of Australia,  Belgium, Brazil and The United States of America over a 2 year period ILMA was established.  These talks involved Dr Walid Ahmar from Australia,  Dr Toufic Sleiman from Brazil, Dr Ray Hachem from the USA, Dr Elie Chelala from Belgium and Mr George Nasr from France.  There was consensus that the establishment of an International Lebanese Medical Association which brings together all of the respective National Bodies will have a beneficial effect both for the respective National Associations as well as Internationally where ILMA can bring all the National Associations together as one co-operative body to advance the common goals of ILMA. ILMA has now grown to include countries in Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, Central America and South America.



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ILMA Goals 

1. To be formed by health professionals who share Lebanese Heritage and interests in health, education and research within and outside of Lebanon

2. To support activities from all International Lebanese medical societies under the similar by laws


3. To promote and pursue the furtherance of the following within Lebanon and Internationally:  

(a) The education of its members, including but not limited to, their professional skills and medical and / or health knowledge; 

(b) Medical and / or health research amongst its members 


4. To provide a forum for professional, educational and social exchange and projects amongst its members internationally; To improve the health and wellbeing of all Lebanese people throughout the world;

5. To foster linkages between the medical and health profession in Lebanon and worldwide and promote the exchange and education of medical practitioners and members of the health profession abroad in accordance with its Objectives.

6. To advise on any medical and / or health issue, which includes, but is not limited to, advising any organisation, association, institution, Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise on any medical or health policy issues in particular within Lebanon;


7. To promote the establishment of National Lebanese Medical Associations throughout the world where they currently do not exist and to encourage these groups to be part of its International Association.

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