president's message

Welcome to the International Lebanese Medical Association website!


ILMA is a non-political, non-denominational association of Lebanese Medical societies and individuals throughout the world. It has been formed by these societies and individuals of Lebanese Heritage who share common interests in health, education and research within and outside of Lebanon.

It commenced in 2013 with myself contacting various health professionals and Associations throughout the world.  We have registered ILMA in Lebanon as an association in 2019.  ILMA now comprises of over 22 countries. These associations span Africa, Europe, North, South and Central America and Oceania. All ILMA member associations are equal.

ILMA is the first and only International Association of Lebanese Health professionals. ILMA seeks to not only to have a beneficial role to the health professionals in Lebanon and internationally, but to also be able to promote the health and wellbeing of the Lebanese not only throughout the world but also within Lebanon.

So how can ILMA partner the Lebanese medical professionals and health systems now and into the future?

In order to answer this I want to highlight some of the major goals of ILMA:


Firstly, providing a forum for professional, educational, research and social exchange and projects amongst its members internationally and within Lebanon. Secondly, fostering linkages between the medical and health profession in Lebanon and worldwide and promoting the exchange and education of medical practitioners and members of the health profession is an important goal of ILMA. Thirdly, providing advice and guidance on medical and health issue, to any organisation, association, institution, or Government body where it affects the Lebanese population is particularly important; we can all learn from our experiences in different parts of the world and here in Lebanon;

I want to stress that ILMA wants to partner the Lebanese health professionals in any facets of the health system that is relevant to them.  We are not here to dictate. And we are also here to learn from our colleagues in Lebanon.

ILMA has been a personal dream and mission which I am now proud to say that I share this dream and mission with many health professionals of Lebanese heritage throughout the world including Lebanon.










Dr Walid Ahmar

President of The International Lebanese Medical Association