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Brazilian State and AMLB Join Forces to Provide Life-Saving Medicine to Lebanon

In a heartening display of international solidarity, the Brazilian State, in collaboration with the Lebanese-Brazilian Medical Association, delivered a significant contribution on Tuesday, providing the first batch of medicines crucial for chronic and incurable diseases to Lebanon.

The gracious act unfolded at the central drug depot in Karantina, where the Brazilian ambassador to Lebanon, Tarcísio Costa, officially handed over the donation to Firas Abiad, the Caretaker Minister of Public Health. Abiad, expressing his sincere gratitude, highlighted that this benevolent gesture from Brazil is not an isolated incident and assured that more aid is on the horizon in the near future.

Amidst the global challenges, Abiad emphasized the critical timing of this support, especially for patients grappling with conditions such as multiple sclerosis or those who have undergone kidney transplants. He acknowledged the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Health in tirelessly working to meet the medical needs of the Lebanese population.

During the handover ceremony, Abiad took the opportunity to announce a forthcoming positive development in Lebanon's healthcare landscape. Anticipated to be implemented early in the new year, the Caretaker Minister revealed plans for a revision in healthcare tariffs. This significant move aims to alleviate the financial burden on patients, making medical costs more accessible and affordable for those in need.

As the Lebanese people face healthcare challenges, the collaborative efforts of the Brazilian State, the Lebanese-Brazilian Medical Association, and the commitment of officials like Tarcísio Costa and Firas Abiad serve as a beacon of hope. The unwavering support from Brazil not only addresses immediate medical needs but also underscores the strength of diplomatic ties and shared humanity during challenging times.

Thank you AMLB for your efforts to our beloved country. We are proud of having you as a member association of ILMA.

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