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My lab at MIT will begin operating in Jan 2022 and we are hiring at all levels. I would be grateful if you can spread the word to your trainee networks encouraging those who are looking for a next position (PhD, PostDoc, Lab Tech) to take a look at my lab website and apply if they find the research directions interesting:

For PhD aspirants:

They would need to be accepted to either the MIT BCS or EECS programs to be able to join my lab. I would be happy to give them any guidance I can, if they reach out to me.

For Postdoc aspirants:

I have one targeted open position in the area of "building data-driven theory-guided models of locomotor learning" that I am currently looking to fill.

However, I encourage senior PhD students to reach out to me in general if they have a project they'd like to work on with me, as a postdoc.​

For Lab tech aspirants:

I am particularly seeking students with training in neuroimaging OR students who have software development / data science backgrounds.

Thank you!

Nidhi Seethapathi​​​​​​

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