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265 tons of medicines and medical supplies will be sent to Lebanon from Egypt!

The Egyptian Ambassador, Yasser Alawi announced yesterday that they will send the largest aid shipment to Lebanon since the Beirut port explosion. It's comprised a total of 487,5 tons, including 265 tons of medicines and medical supplies, 122 tons of food and 100 tons of food rations.

Ambassador Alawi underlined “Egypt's permanent commitment to its pledge it made at the presidential level to stand by Lebanon and to harness all Egyptian capabilities to support the Lebanese brethren during these delicate circumstances.”

"A new shipment left this morning from the port of Damietta to Lebanon, a brother country," said Alawi. "It is a gesture ordered by President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi to help the government and the Lebanese people" he added.

IILMA would like to thank our Egyptian friends very much for their help during this difficult time that Lebanon is going through.

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