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ILMA branch in Senegal aids by sending medicine to Lebanon

Reuter recently wrote that Lebanon has taken a bitter pill and that Lebanon's medical crisis is set to get even worse.

"For Mira Hasbini, Lebanon's disastrous financial crisis came down to something very basic: surgeons couldn't find enough screws to fix her aged mother's broken bones.

The financial crisis that is gripping Lebanon, described by the World Bank as one of the deepest depressions in modern history, is taking its toll on the healthcare system

Hospitals are cutting down on elective surgeries to reserve what is left of anaesthetics and other medical supplies for emergency procedures.

"We are concerned of course because you know hospitals can't stop operating, at the end of the day when the life of the patient is in danger we have to do something," Firass Abiad, who runs Beirut's Rafik Hariri University hospital, told Reuters." Read more here

ILMA has therefore been very active in trying to aid a country that is on its knees. Our ILMA branch in Senegal, ALSPS (Association Libano-Sénégalaise Des Professionneles de la Santé) have recently sent medications to aid the Lebanese people in this difficult situation. Examples of medicines that have been sent are paracetamol, aspirin, omeprazole, cholesterol medicines and blood pressure medicines.

Support us so that we can be able to send more medicine to Lebanon!

Donate to our Gofundme appeal: Press here!

Best regards,

The International Lebanese Medical Association

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