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Words from the President - Dr Walid Ahmar

I want to welcome you to the International Lebanese Medical Association website. We will aim to keep you updated with all our activities as an association as well as what is occurring in member countries.

2020 has been a very trying year for us all and it feels so surreal. As disheartening as that year may have seemed we have risen through the turmoil and we are all hoping for brighter days and year ahead. There are some of us who have lost loved ones or colleagues due to Covid-19 and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

As an association I am proud to see ILMA grow throughout the 2020 and welcome new members and establish new associations throughout the world. As an association we have come together to host the ILMA-Lebanon Covid-19 webinar. The explosion in Beirut has been tragic on many fronts- the needless loss of lives, the destruction of homes, hospitals and businesses crippling a country already on its knees. ILMA is assisting in the recovery process. We donated food boxes and meals to the displaced, we have donated medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and medical centers in Lebanon that are in desperate need of these supplies.

Our next goal is to provide medications to Lebanon. Medications in Lebanon are low and there are a number of medicines that are no longer available within Lebanon which is jeopardising the health of many individuals. ILMA has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money whereby medicines can be bought and sent to Lebanon by aircraft. The medicines will distributed free of charge to those of need throughout Lebanon via the YMCA. All distributed medicines will be accounted. I urge you to distribute the flyer to all your friends.

I want to thank all our ILMA members for the tremendous work they are doing in their fundraising attempts.

Dr Walid Ahmar

President of the International Lebanese Medical Association

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